John Harris on Myles Garrett and the AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl

I remember, like many Aggies throughout the world, the first time I saw Myles Garrett on a football field. Although I love high school football, I don’t get to see as much high school ball as I’d like. As such, I had heard a bunch about Garrett, but hadn’t had a chance to see him play until he took the field against the South Carolina Gamecocks in August 2014.

I channeled my inner-Verne Lundquist

“Oh my.”

I wasn’t able to watch the game live as there was a Texans pre-season game that night; I had to work. So, when I got home, I immediately went to my DVR. When I finally saw No. 15 out on the field, I was amazed that he was actually a freshman.

“You mean to tell me that DUDE is only 18?” I said to no one in particular as I watched him against the Gamecocks. I knew he was a 5-star, All-World recruit, but even that hype undersold what a player, and future NFL prospect he was, and continues to be. A few weeks later, I remember tweeting that I’d draft him in the top three of the 2015 NFL Draft, even though he was just a true freshman. I tried to measure my expectations, which is why I waited until week four or so to tweet that, but I knew that as soon as he became draft eligible for the NFL, I’d put him atop my Draft preview rankings listing.

He’s there now and will be there until he is eligible for the draft. I saw his first game as many of you did and I know I’m going to be in the building for what could be his last game. He’s made no declarations about the draft and I certainly don’t want to see him leave College Station for the NFL (well, unless he wanted to be a Houston Texan…then I’d take him today!). But, the reality of the situation is that he’s got an NFL future when his career as an Aggie is complete. As much as I want to see him don #15 in maroon and white, he’s going to wear #55 or #58 for an NFL team in the near future. If that near future is the 2017 season, I want to know that I was in the building for his college game in 2016.

When the Aggies came to NRG Stadium for the 2015 Advocare Texas Kickoff, Garrett and his teammate Daeshon Hall put on a show. Kansas State is a much different animal than Arizona State, but I’ll be there in NRG Stadium for this one for certain. Now, I have to work, but even if I didn’t have to, I’d want to be there to see Myles Garrett, one of the best athletes and most conscientious star athletes I’ve ever seen.

It’s tough to see your favorites leave and move on to the next level, but Aggie NFLers never forget where they were raised. When Von Miller says “Gig ‘em” before Sunday night games during the starting lineup announcements, Aggies everywhere love it and take pride in it. Garrett will do the same thing one day in the future and Aggies will have the same kind of love and respect for him as they do for Von. That bond is strong and should be forever.

Don’t miss what could be his last one and give him a send-off, if it is indeed his last game as an Aggie.

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By: John Harris

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